The Beginnings of the Family Day Website

Many years ago, my wife and I decided to set aside one full day a week that we would spend with our kids. We felt that nothing is more important than the time we spend with them. Children aren't looking for "quality time" with their parents, but they are simply looking for "time." We saw the negative results of too many families who choose to live lifestyles that take them away from their children. So, in addition to homeschooling our children, we decided to take every Friday off, without work, and spend the entire day with our kids. We called this day "Family Day" and our family has grown to look forward to this exiting time with one another each week.
This website was created because of a desire to share with our friends a year's worth (52 weeks) of local activities in our area (Westchester and New York Metro) appropriate for a great day with the family. We have included pictures (click on them to blow them up), and a website link for each activity so you can get more information. Begin by clicking on a week in the left menu. If you are not from the New York Metro Area, this website might help you plan a trip with your kids to New York! Happiness to all!